Convert Upper Case to Lower Case Easily By Modifying HTML

Nowadays, there are easier ways to convert upper case to lower case letters. You do not need to do it manually because the CSS can process this conversion easily. CSS is usually uses in encoding dynamic websites and can be easily modified. Moreover, if you are looking at converting all-caps and no-caps menu title you can easily use a text converter to avoid having to edit it manually. When you use the converter, you can easily convert upper case to lower case letter without retyping all the content that you need to publish on the website. By using these codes, switching the sentence back and forth can be done quite easily. However, not many people know how to use this HTML. The following is how you could do the conversion step by step.

First of all, find your HTML file and search for the tag containing the text that you want to convert from upper case to lower case or vice versa. This could be a ‘P’ tag or a ‘DIV’ tag if you are looking to convert a full section of the page. Then you need to add the class attribute into the tags once you found the intended texts to convert. The text will have a value such as ‘UPPERCASE’ or ‘NOCAPS’. This is a new class name that you utilize in your CSS page. Now, you are just few steps away in converting the case of your text.

Using Upper Case and Lower Case Values to Convert in HTML

You need to know that more than one class name can be added to your HTML tag. However, you must ensure that you put a space after the class name. This is necessary when the tag already have an existing name. After that, look for the CSS file. Check the HREF attributes in the code, which usually at the start of the HTML code. This is how you can find the external CSS file. However, if you are unsure about this, you can add it yourself. You do this by adding the new code between the STYLE and HEAD tags, which is usually located at beginning of the HTML document.

Use ‘LOWERCASE’ as your value if you want to convert to lower case. Use ‘CAPITALIZE’ as your value, if you want the first letter in each word to be capitalized. This is usually done for title text. As for ‘UPPERCASE’, it is used to convert lower case to upper case. Set your text converter property based on these three choices whichever is preferable. This is how to convert your sentence case in your website content.

This is a simple procedure once you get the hang of it. You will no longer have the need to change your text manually, because that task in completely time consuming. Modifying the HTML is the easiest method to clean up titles and heading. You can just set your HTML to convert upper case to lower case or vice versa and you never have to stay up all night just to edit the content of your website.

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