Changing sentence case in Microsoft Word

Changing Sentence Case In Different Ways

Because there are different software applications that people use when creating, formatting and editing documents, there are also different sentence case converters that they can use. There are people who deal with a lot of documents and texts that need editing, and having a useful tool or feature can greatly improve their productivity. If you are one of those people, let’s take a look at the various word processing programs and the features that it contains that would allow users to easily convert case of words and sentences in a convenient and timely manner.

Sentence case conversion in Pages

A word processing program that is specifically designed for Mac computers is called pages. Here, users are allowed to create documents according to the format that they prefer. However, this application does not have any functionality that allows people the tools they need when they need to change to upper case from lower case. In order to do the conversion easily, you will need to use a different application that will work on a Mac, or a simple online conversion program like

Sentence Case Conversion in other word processing programs

You can actually capitalize a word, an entire phrase or the start of a sentence without the need for you type it one by one, especially if a huge amount of text is involved. Some programs offer a Change Case functionality that will allow you to convert an entire sentence into all caps, as necessary when writing a heading. If there is a need for you to convert case quite frequently, this feature will be very useful and will allow you to maximize your time more. Use different hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts in order to convert case in the shortest time possible.

Change Sentence Case in OpenOffice

Another well-known alternative is OpenOffice, which is a free application that people can use to process documents. This program can execute many of the other tasks and functions that other word processing programs can, but may not have all of the features that allow users to edit the text more easily. If you accidentally turned the caps lock key on but only realized it later after you are done typing all the text already, you can use the tools available in OpenOffice to convert the text to lower case, or you can use an online case conversion tool. This would also be very useful if you are copying text that was not in the proper format that you need.

Changing the sentence case is very important especially if the text that is being edited is a formal paper or an important document. If the first word of the sentence does not start with a capital letter, then the text would look informal and inappropriate. Having sentence case converters will greatly help the users convert text in the shortest amount of time. Good thing that there are several ways to do so, since people also use different types of software or application when processing and editing documents. With these tools to convert sentence case, you will be more productive because there will be no need for you to manually edit it.

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